Every student desires to excel, and to enter the portals of the most prestigious educational institution in the country. The IITIAN’S HUB, is an initiative propelled by these desires and created by intellectuals who have been on this journey themselves, in the earlier years of their academic path and therefore, understand the pulse of this quest. An investment in education pays the best interest and that is what the faculty at the IITian’s Hub believes in. Career is one of the most important pillars which carries you through the journey of life and helps you to reach your goal. We are an organization founded by prominent educationalists from India, with the noble vision of providing students with an environment that helps them to achieve 100% success. This enterprise helps students prepare for the IIT-JEE, NEET, Medical entrance, International Olympiads, KVPY, The Board Exam and for other Engineering Entrance Exams. in MUMBAI. The faculty comprises experts in the fields of IIT-JEE, NEET and OLYMPIADS, with the know-how, technical expertise and the techniques of dynamically preparing for the competitive examinations, along with a hands-on experience of more than 10 years. The faculty is revered among the student fraternity with remarkable goodwill and respect, that has been built over years. It is a matter of great pride for the faculty that many students have successfully cleared other competitive exams apart from IIT-JEE, NEET and OLYMPIADS. We proudly state that an intense dedication, the passion to teach, perseverance, credibility and belief, are the unique hallmarks of the team at THE IITIIAN’S HUB. We provide the right platform to be the next Sundar pichai, Sachin Bansal and Narayan Murthy, to name a few stalwarts who have created a noteworthy niche for themselves.

These are the special features your ward gets by enrolling at THE IITIAN’S HUB:

  • Best Faculty Members
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Adaptive Assessment
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Innovative Teaching Methodology
  • Thorough Training Techniques
  • Meticulous Follow-up Procedures
  • Precision in Preparation


One cannot attribute any one single reason why a science aspirant should join ‘The Iitian’s Hub’, but several reasons.

Let’s find out why.....

Best Faculty Members

Our faculty pool consists of the best facilitators, who are IITians and Doctorates in their respective subjects.

Rigorous Testing

Once a topic has been completed in the class, the students are tested rigorously, to check if they have understood the concepts.

Adaptive Assessment

Following the tests, the students are provided a detailed assessment report through which they get to know their strengths and weaknesses and flaws, which are improvised upon in a focussed manner.

Quality Study Material

Our comprehensive and quality study material is prepared by our faculty experts, and is updated regularly and dynamically. It is an ongoing process.

Personalized Coaching

We are aware that every student follows a different pattern and pace of learning, and therefore, we help each student through personalized coaching.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

At the IITIAN'S HUB, the faculty members believe in innovative teaching methodologies and are constantly upgrading as per the changes happening, making the traditional approaches redundant.

Thorough Training Techniques

We believe that there are no short-cuts to success at this level, and ensure that the training programmes are replete with back-to-back teaching sessions.

Meticulous Follow-up Procedures

While we did mention about our follow-up to the training sessions and the tests, we ensure that day-to-day feedback is recorded, to guarantee improvement in learning, which is done very meticulously.

Precision in Preparation

We believe that precision is everything- it helps the students analyse themselves in a very objective and comprehensive manner, to aid learning.

  • 87,411 Practice Question

    At The IITIAN'S HUB, we are preparing student test from our large database of questions.

  • 936 Assignment

    Our students are assessed via various types of assignments through online and offline modes.

  • 25,729 Recorded Lecture

    Our students can revise and improve their practice of concepts through our recorded video lectures.


We believe in providing the highest quality of education in preparing the students for competitive examinations and are committed to making the learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable for the aspirants by using innovative teaching methods.

  • We provide technology-based solutions for educational institutions such as Smart classes, Web development, Student information system, Education content development, E-Learning and Online testing platform.
  • We offer more than what we promise- We not only prepare the students for JEE Mains and NEET, but also for the school curriculum.
  • We provide online classes only with the help of highly reliable ex-IITans, Doctorates and specialists from the Medical field who teach textbook knowledge and intersperse it with their valuable corporate and hands-on experience.
  • Our classes being live and interactive, our students can clarify their doubts with the teaching faculty dynamically, on-the-spot.
  • All the classes are recorded and given to the schools so that they can refer to it any time they want to.
  • Day wise planning starts from 7 a.m. and goes up to 9:30 p.m. ensuring that the class timings are as per the convenience of the school.
  • Furthermore, every topic is augmented with quiz and assignments that will take care of their reinforcement and revision.

Please note: - Schools require an internet connection (512 KBPS Minimum), a speaker system, a cordless mic and an interactive board.

  • 24*7 Doubts Solving
  • Online Test & analysis
  • Online live Classes
  • Day wise planner
  • Online assignments
  • Recorded Lectures


Our Vision: -

To empower students to achieve their academic objectives with confidence and provide education through innovative learning systems, thereby providing a good experience at all touch points.

Our Mission: -
  • Provide quality education to India’s aspiring youngsters
  • Train over 2 lakh students every year and enable them to face the modern-day challenge by March 2022
  • To be amongst the top three choices of students for coaching to prepare for engineering and medical competitive exams in India.



  • The entire course is covered in 5 modules through online classes with the school.
  • Comprehensive study material will be provided which you can get online and offline.
  • Daily practice problems (DPP) are divided into three parts.
    • Topic wise Booklet
    • Assignments
    • Quiz

Before the start of the lecture quiz session will be conducted. This will feature the studies covered in the previous lecture.


This will help our students practice more and to correlate the concept to the questions.

Topic-wise booklet

Every booklet contains Boar level questions, JEE mains level questions, Advance level Olympiad questions and previous year questions. For medical it will be board level, NEET, AIIMS level, previous years question paper.

Online and Offline Test-

These tests consist of the following: -

  • Topic wise test - This test will be conducted after the completion of every topic.
  • Minor test -This test will be conducted after every 28 days.
  • Major test – After three minor tests, we will combine the syllabus of last three minor tests and that will be conducted as a major test.
  • Previous years paper test – This will help you to get the real practice of examination.
  • Part wise test – This test will be conducted after the completion of the course.
  • Full test all India level- All India Test Series (AITS) will develop right temperament to crack the examination.
  • Board Practice paper- This exam will help every student to have a very strong command over fundamental conceptual knowledge and secure good marks in the Board exam.
  • Mock Test for KVPY, National and International Olympiads.
  • Apart from this regular feedbacks and test analysis sessions will be conducted for students after every test.