A student joins coaching institute with a goal and at The IITIAN’S HUB, we make sure that every students reaches his/her goal by providing them the best possible resources. There is no single reason why a science aspirant should join The IITIAN’S HUB but many. So let’s find it out here:

Best Faculty Members

We have the best pool of faculty members who are IITians & Doctorates in their respective subjects. Besides their high Qualification & great professional experience, all the faculty members are compassionate about teaching and making the students learn in a logical way.

Rigorous Testing

Once a topic is finished in the class , the students are tested to check if they have understood the concept. Besides topic-wise tests, we conduct major tests and mock tests. Attempting various formats of tests helps the students to gain confidence & get familiar with the exam pattern.

Adaptive Assessment

Following the tests, students are provided a detailed assessment report through which they get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the weak points, they work harder with the help of faculty members and strengthen their concepts to perform well in future.

Quality Study Material

Our comprehensive and quality study material is prepared by our faculty members and is updated regularly as per the examination pattern notified by exam conducting bodies. Our study material not only covers competitive examination curriculum but also school/board curriculum.

Personalized Coaching

Knowing the fact that not every student follows the same pattern & pace of learning, we help the students through personalized coaching. Our faculty members are readily available for every student to sit with them for long hours and make them learn in a way they are able to grasp well.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

Unlike traditional approach of teaching where students sit in a classroom, a teacher teaches using board, we at The IITIAN’S HUB believe in innovative teaching methodology. Experiments are performed in the classroom to help the students learn applications of concepts in real-life.