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Every student aspiring to pursue medical or engineering courses has to appear for NEET or JEE. These exams are the entrance exams for pursuing the studies. The ranks scored in these exams decide which college the student can get admitted to! Getting the chance to be admitted to a renowned college is every aspirant's dream. Therefore, scoring a good rank in these examinations is very important.

In preparation for these examinations, we conduct several courses. Foundations courses are programs organised as a starting point for these aspirants right from the 8th standard. For studying the topics and concepts of NEET or JEE from the 11th standard onwards, the students would require strength. Our foundation courses help the students to grow strategically and mentally strong. Along with the students, even every parent also put in some effort.

Why is foundation courses a must?

  • Starting to prepare for these exams right from the 8th standard gives ample time to prepare. The students can brush up on the study materials and revise them for longer. This helps the student to be confident while appearing in the exam. The courses we offer are equipped with an integrated approach which is apt even for board exams. We always recommend that parents give the foundation courses a thought. Starting early would make students familiar with the concepts and examination patterns.
  • The foundation courses we offer are designed for pressure-free learning. Due to starting early, our students can learn from their mistakes and polish themselves for the final moment. Being familiar with the marking system and examination patterns, a student is always in an advantageous position. Therefore our students are not burdened with any pressure. The students can set flexible routines for them as per their convenience.
  •  Students at their 8th standard would not understand the importance of NEET or JEE exams. But our foundation course imbibes seriousness in the students over time. The students are compared to wet clay. They can be moulded to the proper shape if they are given time. They will be half-prepared if they explain the importance of preparing for these entrance exams. When the crucial time arrives, our students will be much ahead in the race than others.
  • Our foundation course also provides several expert guidance right from an early stage. Self-study is a very effective form of learning. But along with that, having expert advice would be much more productive for the students. Our foundation courses are conducted with several experienced teachers. Some of our teachers are themselves doctors and engineers. Therefore we ensure our students receive first-hand information from the right people.

Why Start Early?

Most of these entrance exams have a syllabus that covers the concept of standards 7 to 12. Therefore, when they start early and achieve an edge in the competitive exams, they prepare for school. The foundation course we offer is quite suitable for enhancing aptitude and reasoning abilities, and this further helps our students to compete when the time arrives. Our foundation course is also applicable for exams like NSO, Olympiads, etc. To compete in these exams, several new concepts have to be learned. Starting early lets the student have time to cope-up with the new ideas.

The competitiveness of these exams is increasing every passing year. Therefore, securing a seat in the dream college is getting even more complex. Hence the students need to be prepared even better. Our foundation course would train them with different new learning methods. We mainly focus on giving your child the right push to make their dream come true. To know more, visit our website www.theiitianshub.com or call us at +91 8767043655/ 7738573222