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In certain circumstances, we cannot concentrate and pay attention while studying. Most of the time, it happens that we stay distracted by the past events we went through. Hence, be it how much we try to study hard, the result has always been unsatisfactory. This occurrence has bothered the students preparing themselves for NEET, JEE admission examinations, and others. These students are primarily directed to study for 14-15 hours. Yet, for specific wrong approaches, they come out unsuccessful.

Several studies have concluded that we need to beat procrastination in its own game. This calls for intelligent approaches to studying. Smart studying can help us have the optimum result from our hard work, and it also allows us to come out with flying colours in exams of JEE, NEET, and AIIMS.

Some Interesting Tips to make Studying Interesting

  • Spaced repetition: The spaced repetition technique is a proven means of memorising any study material. We apply this method for remembering minute details in study material like dates and names. This information gets stored in our memory as we read it regularly. These intervals can be increased over time from hours to days to weeks. Eventually, the data is retained in our brain.
  • Stories or Mnemonics: We recommend this method as another intelligent way to memorise things. We can learn several terms which are foreign to us by attaching stories to them. Our brain remembers rhymes or simple sentences very quickly. Therefore mnemonics that mask information can help us memorise well and shorten the time required to complete the syllabus.
  • Audio-Visual: Anything seen and heard together is remembered for an extended period. Any audiovisual signals trigger a memory. Therefore lectures listened to in a recorded video are memorised faster. Consequently, we mostly prefer online sessions where students can record the class for future use. The recorded lectures also help us revise the study material whenever we need them.
  • Study in Chunk Periods: Our brain slacks after studying for a long time. It then stops retaining any information we input. Instead of pushing it further, we can take short breaks of 10-15 minutes. If we relax our minds by doing a favourite activity, we can pay attention after resuming.
  • Choose a Dedicated Area: Have a separate area for studying. The area which we select to study should not have any distractions. We always make sure that we study in that place only and not anywhere else. This particular place for studying can be our terrace, balcony, separate study room, or another area.
  • Please do not Open any New Tabs: We recommend avoiding opening any new tabs while pursuing an online class. Usually, when we are bored, we get distracted and open a new tab and look for something different. This distracts and disturbs the concentration, which lasts long. Eventually, there is a high chance of missing the lecture in the middle. There are several applications available over the internet to stay focused on studies. Also, we recommend doing a meditation that enhances concentration in students.
  • Revise regularly: After studying new material, never wait to revise right in the end. It is always advised to revise whatever we read and learn regularly. This method helps big time memorise the materials and retain them for a long time. This method also allows us to evaluate and perfect ourselves every time. Revising the study material in regular intervals saves time during the final revision.

Being regular and disciplined in studies is very important. Regularity makes students retain anything learned longer, and it makes them confident. We sometimes think of doing group study sessions, which is a bad idea while preparing for competitive exams. Following the above tips are quite effective for studying effectively in a short time.  To know more, visit our website www.theiitianshub.com or call us at +91 8767043655/ 7738573222