As a student, you are always taught that working hard will help you achieve your goals in life. There is no denying that hard work creates a solid foundation to help you reachgreat heights, but it is smart work that will get you there faster and more efficiently. 

A Hard worker is a person who religiously works towards achieving his /her goals without thinking how dynamic the situation might be. Success for them doesn’t come overnight but only after long hours of effort and sacrificing the comforts of life. 

Elements of Hard Work

  • Motivated
  • Positive
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Confidence

On the other hand, a smart worker is a person whose idea is to work profitably not just money-wise but also using the tools and techniques to ease out the process. 

Elements of Smart Work

  • Efficient Time Management
  • Control
  • Limits
  • Building Strength

Here are some qualities of smart work combined with hard work to ensure speedy success. 

  1. Working hard plus intelligent decisions: Working round the clock might not always ensure successful returns. It's important to balance it with smart decisions to get maximum and efficient outcomes using minimal energy and resources. 
  2. Know about your goals: First step even before hard work is to have a clear vision and thoughts on what your base objectives are. Without prior planning, your hard work could only mean a waste of energy & resources. A segregated list of short and long term plans will help in tracking your progress accordingly. 
  3. Manage your time: Allocating and scheduling proper time for your tasks will be a great help to you in speeding up the progress of your task. Categorizing tasks that take the longest or shortest time to complete will help you understand the areas that would require your most or least attention. 
  4. Know the impact of your work: Primary objective should be to achieve your goals in a fruitful & productive manner. Simply, executing tasks, blindly without knowing their impact can diverge you from your end target. It's always profitable to keep an eye on your track of progress.

As you can see, to be successful, hard-work and smart-work, go hand-in-hand and it’s important for the students to have knowledge on both the work styles. We at The IITians Hub help students understand the concept of hark work and smart work needed to prepare for many competitive exams – IIT-JEE, NEET, KPVY, Olympiad, and more. To know more, visit our website or call us at +91 7738570333/ 7738573222