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Is cracking JEE/NEET the main goal in your life? Managing online school and coaching classes together could be tiring, so it is natural to get overwhelmed or distracted, especially when students have many distractions around. There could be many possible reasons behind this, including stress, lack of sleep, or restlessness. However, instead of panicking about why it is happening to you, focus on eliminating it. Here are the 4 (four) best ways to avoid distractions during JEE and NEET preparation:

Be Flexible With Your Study Schedule & Strategy

Often, students tend to lose interest in their studies because of their repetitive study schedules and strategies. You have to be mentally involved while studying; otherwise, your hard work will go to waste. This is why just be flexible with your study schedule. If you get bored, try to indulge in other activities to freshen up your body and mind. Same way, if you have only been studying the most challenging subjects or topics, take a break and research accessible to medium-level topics. This change will keep your mind refreshed, and you will be able to focus on your studies.

Keep Your Phone Away While You're Studying for JEE/NEET Exam

Screens are a significant distraction, not just studies. Still, you cannot perform any task without getting distracted if there's a smartphone around you. Keep your phones at bay; to be precise, any screen should not be around, whether it's a laptop, television, i-pad or telephone. As they play a significant role in distracting you, the notifications on social media apps keep flooding in, and no matter how hard you try to resist, the urge to check your phone is uncontrollable. The best way to avoid your phone would be to turn the silent mode on and hand it over to your parents until you're studying. Because if you keep it on your table, bed, or under the pillow, your subconscious mind will keep taking you back to your phone.

Reward Yourself From Time to Time

We are humans, and it's normal for us to long for good things in life. If you completely cut off entertainment and leisure, you might feel exhausted and unmotivated. This is why rewarding yourself for the goals you have accomplished is very important. If you have successfully studied without any distractions, don't feel guilty and reward yourself with one episode of your favorite show or game. You can also go out with your friends and enjoy your favorite meal. You will indeed feel satisfied, and this might also give you the push to aim higher.

Sleep For 7-8 Hours

If you want to focus on your studies without getting distracted, then the quality and duration of your sleep play a vital role. You might have noticed that sometimes you feel sleepy the moment you open your books, it is not because you find it boring rather because you have not slept enough. So, we advise you to sleep at least for 7-8 hours a day. Otherwise, you will feel sluggish and low on energy throughout the day. Also, if you can't sleep for 7-8 hours at night, just take naps in the afternoon. It will keep your body and mind relaxed while giving you a boost of energy and enhanced focus.

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