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JEE Main Exam is considered one of India's toughest exams, which requires perseverance and hard work to crack. Aspirants start preparing from their class 11th so that they could score well in the exams. Every year, approximately ten lacs of students appear for JEE Main. Only two lakh qualify for JEE Advanced annually. Preparation for IIT JEE requires a significant amount of effort and a good mentor who can assist you when you are stuck and teach you the proper methodology to approach the questions. It would help if you had an intelligent preparation strategy rather than studying without proper planning. As we are talking about the toughness of the IIT JEE Mains and Advanced exam, it is critical to include the preparation outline for students.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam


Math is one subject that requires both theoretical and problem-solving skills. You should first understand the theory and then apply it to solve problems. The only way to master maths and develop better math fluency is by practicing.


Physics is a subject that requires an in-depth understanding of the concept and applying it in various scenarios (real-world), and solving different mathematical problems. Develop a clear understanding of all the core concepts.


Chemistry usually involves a lot of reactions, mechanisms, and equations. Furthermore, you should get familiar and be thorough with all the names, symbols, and diagrams.

Basic Preparation Tips For JEE Main Exam

Below we have mentioned general preparation tips for JEE Main Exam.

  • Spend more time on areas that you are weak. Practice is the key.
  • Do not skip any topic.
  • Make short notes of formulas, concepts, pointers, and important chapters.
  • Self-evaluate regularly as per your comfort.
  • Have a positive mindset and stay motivated.
  • Stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically and avoid stress.

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