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Time management is one of the major factors concerning excellence in competitive examinations. Time plays a critical role in both the preparation stage and during exam days. Strategic time management helps reducing stress and even instills calmness during an examination. Time management requires proper planning and implementation of effective control of time over any specific activity with a motive to enhance efficiency and productivity. Most students come to this realization, only at the time when they face failures. Usually, students plan about time management for their exam preparations with eagerness at the beginning but end up losing track during the course.

Here, are a few tips that will help you in your entire preparation journey

1.Take Timed Mock Tests Regularly: One should keep in mind that it is a practice that makes a man perfect. Each student has a different approach and tactics when it comes to dealing with pressure or problems, make sure your strategy is practical and beneficial. Take regular mock test sessions with yourself and keep a track of your progress. If you are lagging, analyze your methods and start afresh. Proper planning and mindset can ensure you achieve success.

2.Study during the early hours of the day: Make it a habit to study during the early hours of the day especially if the topics are lengthy or difficult. So, make sure you have got enough sleep at night so that you can get up early and cover what’s important. Getting the right amount of sleep before your competitive examination is vital. To be honest, it will help you recollect a lot of stuff in the long run.

3.Prepare your Examination Strategy: Before you chalk out your timetable, sit with yourself, and strategize a clear and defined pathway to complete your course. Make sure you revise at least 2-3 times before your examination. Try using techniques like coloring your books for clear understanding or even highlighting important segments which will help you to not miss out during revisions.

4.Switch off your phone: This is to keep you away from social media during your studies. Competitive examinations require undivided attention. Prevent yourself from checking any emails, seeing what’s happening on Facebook or Instagram when you are studying. All of them are time-consuming and distract you from studying and concentrating.

5.Solve questions from different chapters: Our minds are often restrained to solving questions only from one topic at a time. This adds a barrier to a good performance in exams, where no two consecutive questions come from the same topic. It is therefore essential to build and train your mind to move from one topic to another without any hiccups.

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