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The online mode of education is not a new invention and has been there in the education industry for quite some time now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it extremely relevant in all our lives. Online classes are the need of the hour and almost all institutes, from small to big, are seen transforming their systems to accommodate online classes. It is indeed the “New Normal” that we all must adapt to, whether we like it or not.

Offline education, however, continues to be the preferred mode of education whenever the conditions are favourable, especially in countries like India.

Through this article, we will throw some light on the positive as well as negative aspects of both forms of education so that we can understand them better.

Pros of Online Classes:

  • Safety – These are scary times that we are living in. The COVID-19 pandemic has made going out and attending regular classes alongside multiple classmates nearly unimaginable. Online education is completely safe in this aspect as there is no direct human interaction and no chance of spreading the virus.
  • Time Efficient – Online classes are time efficient for both students as well as teachers. A lot of time is saved on a daily commute that can be used productively. Daily travel expenses are saved as well.
  • Proximity to Home – Many students have to stay away from their homes for long periods just to attain a smooth education. Online classes help students stay at their homes and get access to quality education at the same time. This solves logistical issues for a lot of students and also gives them the emotional support of family.
  • Familiarity with Technology – Online education helps students become familiar with technology from a young age, which is the need of the hour.

Cons of Online Classes:

  • Limited Social Interaction – Online classes hinder the development of social skills in students as there is no face to face interaction among peers and with teachers. This is a major issue as these skills are a life-long requirement.
  • Dependence on Technology – Online education is completely dependent on technology and this aspect sometimes backfires. Many students might not be privileged enough to access it and sometimes technology itself may fail us. This can come in the way of education.
  • The Difficulty of Teachers – As software is getting more and more advanced, instructors are constantly trying to learn how to keep up. Traditional instructors believing in lectures and handouts may have a tough time in adopting the system and software.

Pros of Offline Classes:

  • Development of Social Skills – Offline classes provide students with the opportunity to learn alongside their peers and develop the much needed social skills that may help them later on in life.
  • More Interactive – Offline classes are usually more interactive because there is no barrier between the teachers and the students. Raising hands and asking questions is more hassle-free and expressions are read more clearly.
  • Assessment – There is competitive testing and a sense of healthy competition in the minds of students when it comes to offline classes.
  • Things like attendance, punctuality, tidiness and presentation get more attention in offline classes. This helps in building up morals and value systems in students.

Cons of Offline Classes:

  • Unsafe – Offline classes are not the safest option in today’s scenario. Parents are finicky about sending their kids to school even when the Covid cases are downward sloping.
  • Inaccessibility – Many institutes are inaccessible to students when they are held completely in offline mode because of logistic and financial issues.

As can be seen, both methods have their pros and cons and it is not a black and white area. With technology advancing every day, it is probably best to keep both options accessible and judiciously use both as per the requirements and socio-economic scenario.

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