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No matter how well prepared you are or how ‘intelligent’ you are, exam time is stress for everyone. We can’t get rid of the stress completely, but we can follow these basic steps to prepare better for exams.

1) Set Targets and Achieve Them:

Start planning and set achievable goals. Then break these goals into smaller tasks. Pencil it out on the calendar, if needed. This process will help to keep a daily track of the study routine.

2) Discuss The Topics With Fellow Students:

Studies have shown that discussing information to someone is an excellent way to remember that information, as it requires an individual to recover the information from his/her own memory. This process will help remember lengthy study notes easily.

3) Eat To Boost Memory:

There are several foods that are great for memory such as Fish, Walnuts, Green tea, etc. These foods will not only improve your memory but will also help you build your immunity.

4) Sleep to Remember:

Studying before going to bed can help remember anything ones read the night before. This technique is especially effective before exams. Studies have shown that sleep helps in the second stage of memory – consolidation and also contributes to reorganizing reminiscence, by establishing powerful connections between different memories.

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