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KVPY stands for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana. It is a popular scholarship program in India. Each year, KVPY application process attracts hundreds of thousands of applications. The main aim of this exam is to provide scholarships and fellowships to meritorious science stream students. These scholarships and fellowships motivate brilliant science stream students to pursue a career in the R&D sector.

Here are some preparation tips

  • Time Management: Time Management is one of the key aspects of any examination. KVPY aspirants should prepare a balanced and practical timetable. The timetable must ensure that an adequate amount of time is dedicated towards studies, rest, and other important activities.
  • Focus on your weak points: Take a note of your weak areas- chapters and concepts and try changing your study patterns for this. Look for online videos of the weak areas and try approaching them differently.
  • Attempt Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers: Attempting mock tests, revising, and solving previous years' question papers will clear your doubtful areas and will also help you prepare for your exams better. These will also help you analyze your performance and enhancing your skills.
  • Make a study plan: One must formulate a well-planned study routine to ensure that an appropriate amount of time is set aside for each subject and that no subject goes untouched. One must devote about 8 to 9 hours each day to studying with small breaks for an ideal study routine. Phone and social media should be off during this time.
  • Personal notes for quick revision: For last-minute revision, it is neither possible nor practical to go through the whole chapters. So, make use of your notes, flowcharts, etc to revise. It will save a lot of time. Also, this approach will help in memorizing everything better.

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