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The IITians' Hub has been at the forefront of providing guidance, mentoring and coaching to the younger generation in their pursuit of academic careers and helping them fulfil their dreams. We help students prepare for IIT-JEE, NEET, KVPY, and OLYMPIADS in Mumbai. Our experienced faculty team (who are IITians or Doctors themselves) interacts with students in their respective fields on a regular basis to provided the right guidance and education. Our faculty understands the needs and mindset of the young aspirants and uses innovative teaching methodology to ensure that the students understand the concepts well. They also keep a keen eye on the changing exam patterns and update our study material regularly. 
What makes us stand out?
  • We train our students with experienced faculties that are IITians and Doctorates in their respective fields. With their skills and in-depth knowledge about their respective subjects, they guide every student by creating a competitive yet healthy environment that allows them to challenge their thought processes and excel in their academic career choices.
  • Our students can connect with the management team 24*7 for their doubts or difficulies in any subject. We understand that each student doesn't follow the same pace and style of learning, so we guide them with each step and also conduct frequent personal coaching sessions for better clarity.
  • Our teaching methodology is not stagnant around the four walls. We believe that the students should experiment along with the faculties and we conduct frequent debates and discussions that allow the aspirants to think outside the box and enhance and broaden their thinking and learning capacity.
  • Our faculty keeps a keen eye on the changing patterns of the examinations and thus keeps on updating our study material from time-to-time, making our study material relevant to the current education patterns. They ensure that the students are upto date and have complete knowledge about each examination, its patterns, and the recent updates in the syllabus.
We plan to create a strong foundation for the students of class VIII, IX & X of IB, CBSC, IGCSE, ICSE & SSC boards with subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Languages. With optimally sized groups, personal teaching, more exposure to experiments, and concept-based training we provide access to all resources along with an experienced team of teachers that will help them through their preparation journey. We also conduct frequent seminars with expert faculties of reputed institutes giving the students the required exposure for their future endeavors. To know more, visit our website www.theiitianshub.com or call us at +91 7738570333/ 7738573222