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Every year thousands of students appear for JEE exams to get a seat in the best IIT colleges in India. The next big thing is to prepare and decide which stream to choose. The engineering sector has numerous fields like Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Aerospace engineering, Marine engineering, and Nuclear engineering, etc. By graduating in these fields, you can get a placement in both the private and government sectors. Here is a brief of all the engineering branches offered by IIT:

  • Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are responsible for building structures for the country. The two foundation principles for this branch are science and engineering. This branch roots out to other micro branches such as transportation, construction, and environmental engineering. Civil engineers get equal opportunities in both the private and public sectors. The pay is usually very high.

  • Computer Science & Engineering

It is one of the most desired branches of engineering. It advances along with technology and current trends in Computer Science Engineering are Robotics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data. The Tech area multiplies not just in India but globally. From coding, developing, designing, data analytics, and testing, engineering students have a wide range of options to choose from. Moreover, many IITians get placed in IT Giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many more.

  • Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is all about power and electricity with enormous scope and exposure. The public sector has ample opportunities for this particular branch. Electricity boards like NTPC, NHPC, and other state electricity boards need electrical engineers for smooth functioning. They get hired by IT and ERP solution organizations. Electrical engineering students can look out for PSU, defense forces, and railways in the public sector. They will surely get a decent salary package.

  • Mechanical Engineering

As the name suggests, Mechanical Engineering is all about machines, and this branch includes manufacturing design and physics. There are plenty of career options for mechanical engineers in India. The field is very diverse, and students get to learn many practical things. A mechanical engineer handles research and Development, Product Design, Manufacturing, Design of Machines, and Manages systems. Hundreds of Mechanical engineers get placed every year in both public and private sectors, especially in aviation, automobile, and manufacturing industries.

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