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Board exams test knowledge, while IIT JEE questions test the application of knowledge. Acquiring knowledge with clear concepts will take care of Boards. JEE Main and JEE Advanced require more practice, speed, accuracy, and time management skills using various results and tricks. You have to be flexible between solving questions for board exams and IIT JEE. Board exams have a step-wise marking scheme, you need to write in points, flowcharts, and diagrams are part of the answers. While in JEE, the answer should be in the shortest possible time with rough calculations.

How to Study for IIT JEE in Class 12?

  1. Prepare a simple timetable giving time to all three subjects. Do not follow the study schedule of others. Know what is the best time to study for you.
  2. Knowledge of concepts, practice, speed, and accuracy is essential. Time management is the key. It would be best to devote enough time to each section – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  3. Revise every day. Do not leave revision for the last month, as it is a continuous process.
  4. Sample papers and questions banks will help you know how the exam pattern will be. Types of questions, the division of marks, and the syllabus will be known through sample papers. It is advised that some sample papers should be solved each day. Solving sample papers will let you know where the mistakes are made, and rectification can be done so that it does not repeat in the final examination.
  5. Your success has to be built in small measures. Do not get de-motivated as it leads to panic and anxiety. Believe in yourself as scoring well in both JEE Main and Class 12th is a herculean task.

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